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Do it yourself – with some help

When it comes to EV conversions, valuable classics and professional conversion companies are all the rage. However, three Germans want to...

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EV conversion: Everything but a one-man show

A growing number of car guys dare to convert a petrol or diesel vehicle to electric. However, unless you are...

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Der Volvo von Udo Kessler beim TÜV

Complex, but feasible: From combustion vehicle to electric car

The number of electric conversions is increasing because they are fun projects, and they make individual mobility more sustainable. However,...

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Table of contents

The Authors: Johannes Hübner, Philip Schuster, Udo Kessler (from left).

Udo Kessler

Philip Schuster

Johannes Hübner

The authors and their electric cars.

In discusssion.

The engine compartment of the converted Volvo. On top: the charger.

Careful checks in the approval process.

Expert help needed, for example when removing the combustion engine.

Donor car: damaged but core components did work

The front of the Volvo has not changed – except the headlight washers were removed (hence the two holes).

Charging takes two hours. During sunny days solar power is used.

The engine bay features not only the traction unit with motor, inverter, DC/DC converter, Junction Box, and charger (on top) but also one battery box (left).

The rear of the Volvo 850 electric. Where tank and spare wheel well used to be, one of the battery boxes is now located..

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