A growing number of car guys dare to convert a petrol or diesel vehicle to electric.

However, unless you are a genius with all-round talents, this is not for lone wolves. The requirements for knowledge and skills as well as for tools and technologies are too broad.

Johannes Hübner, Udo Kessler and Philip Schuster, the authors of the book “Deep dive EV conversion”, know from their own experience that one needs a small network of partners for a project like this.

This includes a car workshop, for example, since removing the combustion engine in one’s own garage is difficult to do. A electrical company should take over the manufacture of the high-voltage cable, which requires absolute care and quality. A welding specialist supports in making the necessary attachments and holders. And finally, the production of battery boxes, adapter plates and couplers requires the high-tech equipment of a specialist metal company.

Learn more about the book here.

Der Volvo von Udo Kessler in der Werkstatt, um Motor und Tank auszubauen
Jakob Amann (left) und Nino Troia helped Udo Kessler with the EV conversion of his Volvo 850. In their workshop they removed engine and gas tank.